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How to Choose Safe Age Appropriate Toys

When it comes to gifting your baby or toddler with toys you do not face much fuss as they are happy with whatever you give them! However, it’s parents who need to be careful while choosing toys for their kids and they should be safe as well as age appropriate.

It is necessary to choose age appropriate toys for your baby or child because they are developed in such way that it enhances your baby’s developmental skills. Hence if you ignore the toys that are appropriate for your baby’s age then you may be keeping them away from development. Moreover, they need to thoroughly inspected because whatever you hand over to your baby must be safe for them. 

Here are tips for choosing safe age appropriate toys for your kids:

Choose Toys As Per Their Age

For a baby even few months of age matters a lot. Thus, you need to very specific while choosing something for a baby up to 6 months and those ones from 7 months to 1 year. Thus, while choosing something for a baby who is below 6 months you must choose something that is bright in color and have sounds that will make them feel safe.

Older babies that are who are over 6 months learn to move and hence their toys should be such that help them developing in their movement. Soft toys that will help them roll over or play is ideal for this age.

In this way you will find that kids of every age have certain developmental skills and the toys should be such that will enhance their skill. A good rule of thumb is to check the packaging of the toy to see what age group it was made for and how it helps your child develop. 

Development Appropriateness

As already mentioned every child has certain development skills that come with their particular age. Thus, consider that development in your kid while you buy toys for them. Like, generally a kid learns about alphabets when they are over two years, but some may start showing interest in them earlier. Hence, while you choose the toys keep in mind what is your kids’ interest in.

Feature of the Toy

Next things that is important to consider while buying toys for your kid are the feature of the toys. It should just not be safe but must not have any such ingredient that will be dangerous for your kid. Thus, make sure that it does not have any paint on it as you never know when your kid may start licking it! Also try to avoid electronic games at this age as they do not leave much to learn for your kids.

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