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Surprising Health Benefits of Playing Pokemon Go

If you have not played Pokeman Go yet, then you must play it once before you just read about the health benefits of playing the game. For many it is just another game, but as time passed it showed the world that it is not a fad but something more than that which is here to stay and will be the future of gaming.

In Pokemon Go you search to find Pokemon in your city with the help of the location given on your smartphone. Although many suggest that it is just a waste of time, but surprisingly it has a lot of health benefits.

You Get More Vitamins

Surprised? While playing Pokemon go you have to go to the location where Pokemon is and for that people come out of their home and visit the parks and other areas that they generally will not visit. While they are in the sun they are soaking in sunlight that they will never get if they sit idle at their home or even work at home. Thus, while playing the game your interaction with nature increases making it possible for you to get more vitamins.

You Walk More

If you are asked to walk for half an hour you would probably laugh in the person’s face. However, while playing the game you actually do not care whether you are walking for half an hour or more. Sometimes people playing the game will walk around for hours without realizing it, but they were having so much fun. Thus, you do not have to think about walking more because without even realizing it, you will find yourself exercising each time you are hunting for Pokemon. 

Improves Mental Health

Physicians have found that Pokemon Go has actually affected the mental health of their patients positively. Generally when you are depressed you do not feel like doing anything and spend your time sitting idle. This makes you more depressed and the viscous cycle continues. Now, as Pokemon Go needs GPS and with that it creates a augmented virtual world around you, for playing the game you come out of your home and you get some fresh air. All these have positive effect on your mental health.

Brings People Together

There are many instances when you do not know about the people who live in your neighborhood. This is not unusual because of the busy schedule everybody has. Now, when playing the game people come out of their home and get acquainted with other players. Hence, it helps in getting you more acquaintances and potential friends.

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